The town of Sada [listen to mp3], located in the region of As Mariñas (A Coruña), is one of the most important sites for tourists and sailors on the northern coast of Galicia [watch video].

Although its origins are uncertain, numerous forts found indicate that its founders were the Ártabros, a Celtic tribe which according to historians, started fishing as an economic activity in the Bronze Age.

Walking through the town you can see that, although its growth comes from fishing, Sada knows how to perfectly combine its professional activity with the recreational areas [listen to mp3 O Curruncho picnic area] offered by the sea.

Maritime promenade

Sada's maritime promenadeSada’s promenade, linking the entire coastline of the town, has become one of the most attractive outdoor recreation centres in the area.

If you walk it from from one end to the other, from the As Delicias beach to the  Fontán port (2 kilometres), you can enjoy beautiful gardens and squares, sports facilities and numerous good children’ playgrounds where to have fun with the family. You can also cover it by bicycle, always following lane prepared for this.

During a point in the walk, you will see how the path changes colour, becoming the red carpet of the Walk of Fame. This is the only section in which we suggest you look at the ground, as you will discover the prints of many well-known people from the world of culture, sports or entertainment.

From here you will reach the marina, where we suggest you stop and choose your favourite nautical activity.

You can also follow the Sada Sea route, a lovely tour of the town’s coast guided through QR codes. Search for the codes along the promenade and discover the fishermen’s districts, marinas and fishing ports, idyllic beaches and the best establishments to take a break and sample the local cuisine.


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