Roteiro Mariñán and Costa Doce

If you want to travel much of the Sada coast on foot, you can do so through the Roteiro Mariñán – Costa Doce. This is a route approved by the Galician Mountaineering Federation which runs through the most beautiful natural areas of the municipality [watch video “Mar de Sada”].

The tour begins at Fontán castle [listen to mp3], situated in the fishermen’s district that bears its name and goes to the entrance of Monte do Pobre or A Canteira. This is a turning point for the hiker who can choose between staying on the old Camino Real or continuing along the coast. The route is linear and easy, allowing people of all ages to travel along it in both directions.

RoteiroMarinanOn the way we pass three viewpoints: Punta da Herba, Mirador de la ría and the one located on Arnela beach. All offer excellent views of the estuary to take the best panoramic photos of your trip. It crosses mixed forests and trails overlooking the coast, and takes you to Cirro beach, where the walking route ends.

As Delicias beach – Agra das Arcas route

If you are looking for hiking trails that can also be done by bicycle, Sada offers the possibility of cycling the Praia das Delicias – Agra das Arcas route. This trail begins at Fontán Castle (where it joins the Costa Doce Route), continues along the promenade down to As Delicias beach and ends in O Castro.

RutaSada-OCastroIts difficulty is moderate and covers an area of ​​5.6 km. During the route you will encounter various explanatory panels where you can learn everything about the flora and fauna of the area through which you are travelling through. From the highest point of the route you can see much of the town, the urban centre and the estuary. This is in addition to appreciating the full extent of As Brañas, a listed wetland which is home to a large and varied natural wealth.


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