Modernist Legacy

The first thing you see when arriving on the Sada coast is La Terraza [listen to mp3]. An imposing and striking building considered an icon of Galician modernism.

La Terraza, the epicentre of the new social and cultural stage of the town has its origin in 1912. Its first location was in the gardens of Méndez Núñez of A Coruña city, from where it moved to Sada in 1920. Here it went on to become the symbol of economic growth, emerging from the canneries and grocery trade.

Although its design was slightly modified, the modern construction was based on wood, wrought iron and coloured glass. It was the perfect stage for one of the liveliest and most social periods of the town of Sada. Nowadays, La Terraza continues being a wonderful café – restaurant, where jazz concerts are still scheduled.

La Terraza, SadaThe modernist influence can still be felt in many local buildings including the School of Sada and its environs, financed by a local association of immigrants in New York. 

Or the houses of the traditional fishermen’s districts of Fontán and A Tenencia (18th century), which have incorporated geometric and plant motifs to their façades. Casa Barrié also retains its French style, and the beautiful Casa de Pollán, maintains its elegance intact.

All is the perfect setting to host the first Modernist Fair of Galicia, held every first weekend of August since 2012. For three full days people, visitants and toursits wear their best clothes to go back to the 20s and enjoy dances, markets and fine concerts of the period [watch video Modernism in Sada].


A short 5 minute drive from La Terraza, in the parish of Osedo, is the Industrial and Cultural Complex of O Castro where O Castro Ceramics factory of Sargadelos is located. These traditional ceramics, famous for their tableware and limited editions made by Galician artists, are one of the best broadcasters of regional culture. Among its pieces are many popular representations, among which are motifs related to the sea.

To give O Castro of Sargadelos ceramics as a present is highly regarded, so that the institutional gift from the Town Council of Sada could be no other than the ceramic figure of its traditional sardine.

If you come to Sada and want to take away a souvenir, here you can go to its shop and buy some of the most representative motifs of Galicia.

The complex also houses the Carlos Maside Museum of Contemporary Art  and the Geological Laboratory of Laxe.


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