One of Sada’s tourist attractions is its great variety of beaches. Among its nine beaches [listen to mp3], you can choose from urban beaches (with all the amenities), isolated, virgin areas and semi-urban beaches that offer the best of both combinations.

In the town’s capital, are As Delicias and Nova beaches, both separated by the mouth of the river Maior and both joined by their waters as well as the promenade that makes them accessible.

From Corbeiroa fort, an 18th century building that protected the village from possible maritime invasions, to the mouth of the river, lies the cove of As Delicias. Its white sands and calm waters are ideal for practising any water sport. By the side of it is the Nova beach which goes up to near to the marina and is a favourite place to enjoy the sun as a family.

Both beaches are very crowded in the summer as they have a lot of services, most notably, access for people with disabilities, and numerous terraces around them.

Os Lobos beachBehind the fishing port is Morazón beach, a small beach of calm waters which is uncrowded. To access it you have to walk down some steps, from where you can see the remains of Fontán fort, another of the 18th century maritime defence buildings.

Virgin and secluded beaches

From Morazón beach, just 5 minutes drive away are the beaches of Arnela, Os Lobos, Armenteiro and Lourido. Very close together, these small natural shelters offer the chance to enjoy a rest and do sports such as snorkelling or underwater fishing. To access the small coves this must be done through trails and small local roads.

If you want to enjoy a natural beach but with all the amenities, we recommend the beaches of San Pedro and Cirro. Semi-urban beaches, close to each other and located in their respective villages. If you are looking for a camping area, you will find it in Cirro.


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